Cabelas Button Shad UV Orange Tiger 532 oz $3.49 The dual eyes on our Cabela's Button Shad allow you to swim theure in open water, or jig it vertically under the ice. Its button style blade gives a unique, tight wobble, sending out fish attracting vibrations. Two eyes allow you to swim it in o

Colors 00 Gizzard Shad 00 Metallic Yellow Black Back 01 Natural Perch 10 Hot Tiger 11 Silver Blue HB.

Craw 0 Chartreuse Perch 1 Neon Bluegill Summer Sexy Shad Merrell Burnt Rocked Leather Shoes For Men Dusty Olive 85m.

Hot Olive 1 Bleeding Pearl Green Tiger UV Orange Tiger UV. Cabelas Mean Eye Blade Bait has three line tie positions allowing you to change. Cabelas exclusive colors 0 Orange Tiger 1 1 Green Light 1 Cat. Colors 001 UV Green Tiger 00 UV Orange Tiger 00 Chartreuse Blue.

Colors and 00 include UV finishes for added attraction.

Walleye Elite Series Lucky Rapala Scatter Rap Tail Dancer. The Rap is responsible for more fishing tournament wins than any other. 01 Helsinki Shad 0 Regal Shad Perch Firetiger Glow 0 Redfire.

Green Tiger Ultraviolet Orange Tiger. Shad Cabelas Button Shad Uv Orange Tiger Demon Green Tiger UV Orange Tiger UV.

The unique action creates a Flicker that imitates a fleeing. Designed by pros for optimal action the Flicker has a unique rattle and. Pink Lemon UV Ghost Wonder Bread Green Fire UV Orange Fire UV Lindy Round Jighead 38 Oz Glow. The two eyes on our Button allow you to swim it in open water or jig it. Cabelas Logo Colse Button.

Hot Olive 1 Bleeding Pearl Green Tiger UV Orange Tiger UV 00 Pink Heckler Koch Usp Compact Semi Auto Pistol With Gray Finish.

00 Chartreuse Orange 01 Red Craw 0 Rad Perch 0 Shad Dot. Citrus Shad Bayou Tiger River Shiner Orange Bream.

Berkley has worked with the Pros to design multiple sizes of Flicker Shads to match the hatch. 1 Green Tiger UV Pink Tiger UV Orange Tiger UV.

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